Haley Hunt-Brondwin is a visual artist and designer from the west coast of BC. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art from Emily Carr University, her studies including an exchange with the European Exchange Academy in Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany. Haley has an interdisciplinary practice that includes painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles and installation, exploring the qualities of human relationships and our phenomenological and physiological relationship to landscapes and the Natural world. Curious about our interdependence and disassociation to Nature, she explores the play within the binaries.

Haley’s studies continued within New Media and Web Development at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Currently while her day job is focused on web based design and user experience her art practice has evolved to include a focus in the fibre arts. Weaving and tapestry as a means of exploring tradition and human history specifically female lineage and its connection to hand crafts in that history. Haley is also interested in the investigation of digital technology’s impact on the human psyche, and the juxtaposition of this enquiry with tactile, material, mechanical and out of date technologies. She believes there is a space between the future and the forgotten that begs for reflection.

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