Exhibition at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver in January 2014.

The series included 6 wood panels 32″ x 48″ , and 8 paintings on paper 15″ x 20″. Materials included gouache, acrylic, acrylic gloss medium, ink, pen, pencil crayon and graphite.

Artist Statement for the show:

This body of work revolves around the repetitive process of simple geometric and organic forms. Inspired by mountains, crystalline rock formations, and frozen water, exquisitely effected by the fragile balance of geological and environmental forces, this series is an exploration of landscape. Up and over and back to the starting point. Repeating lines. Moving back and forth and through a terrain, a surface, an object.

Inspired by Haley’s travels through and along the Pacific Coast, this series of work is the most recent in her exploration of the experience and ephemera of time spent within Great Landscapes and the effect human intervention has on the tangible and figurative landscapes we experience. Human’s relationship to the natural world has been a central theme in Haley’s work, having used a variety of media in past projects to explore ideas of “Nature”. Delicate Temperatures is a continuation of her exploration of our mental, physical, and emotional dis/connection to what is “natural” and the implications of humans impact on our environment.