From this peak to that one showed on February 15th, 2013 at the Art Bank.


From this peak to that one Part II, a second show, followed in May, 2013 at Yactac Gallery continuing on the themes explored in February exhibition.


Studies for the show:

After traveling through some very dramatic terrain along the Pacific Coast over the past year; inhabiting the small and fragile edge where the land and ocean meet,  I have been deeply effected by my time spent within an ‘epic’ landscape. Armed with a journal, a camera and stories, this series of work represents my interest in exploring the experience, memory and ephemera of those travels and the affection of it all. Inspired by valley, mountain and ocean I have been using simple drawing materials and mark-making to delineate the quality of line, form and shape found within those landscapes. It is also an exploration of colour, inspired by the patterns, textures and tones from the field, responding intuitively from reminiscence.

The repetition of these forms has been constant, like the obsessive quality of retracing a memory. A simple geometric form. Up and over and back to the starting point. Cross hatching lines. Moving over a terrain, a surface. Climbing, hiking, scrambling. Realizing a mountain is more than just its highest point.

I have been collaborating with Hailey Gooch, Lauren Everall, Liz Toohey-Wiese, Jo Peters, Monika Loevenmark and Josie Mitchell since 2009 during a BFA at Emily Carr University,  with exchanges abroad and continuing after graduation. A previous collaborative show, Pocket Landscape, occurred at the Gam Gallery in 2011.