Emily Carr University Grad Piece, 2011. 1 yard square area of grass sod, aluminum trim.

Edward O. Wilson writes in The Biophillia Hypothesis of human’s innate emotional connection to other living organisms and our inherent ‘need for deep and intimate association with the natural environment’. How have humans’ connection to nature  been affected by our modern lifestyles, and what is the significance of our lack of Natural exposure as our lives become more consumed by the optimizations, efficiency and greater (dis)ability’s of digital technology

Human’s have a deficiency of nature, with conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Nature Deficiency Disorder. Nature simulations are created to remedy those deficiencies. Faux nature. Interested in the lengths humans go to simulate what is natural, curious of the experiment and the experience, and the play between Nature and Natural, the Great Outdoors is a comment on the mediated ‘Natural’ experience through artificial means.